Welcome to our Website

Harmony House for Women is a recovery house spefically for women. Harmony is a women’s alternative living facility geared toward providing its residents with a safe, drug-free environment in which to recover. It is our hope that we, the staff and supporters of the house, will be able to help you along in your transition from alcohol and/or drug addiction to a fulfilling life as a productive member of society. Our sole intent is to provide clean and affordable housing coupled with a certain degree of structure to any woman who decides that she is ready and willing to change her life for the better. If you have found this site and you feel that we may be able to assist you in your journey down the road to recovery; we encourage you to read on as your finding us was not a mistake but an opportunity to be taken advantage of. We are happy to serve clients from the entire United States and locally from Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County; from Miami Beach to Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

what is recovery?

Recovery is a new way of life. It requires willingness and commitment. In order for our lives to change, our perspective has to change. Life in recovery is about changing the people, places, and things that were part of our self destructive behavior. We recommend all residents fully participate in their recovery: NA or AA meetings are a place for healthy fellowship; having a sponsor and support group adds to the stability in our lives; working the 12-steps is the way we change our thinking and the way we feel; and giving back to others through service builds the message of hope that is so vital for wanting to change.