Our experience in running structured living environments over the years has helped us in implementing a reasonable system of rules which you will be asked to follow if indeed you decide to become a resident of the Harmony House. These guidelines include, but are not limited to: regular attendance of twelve step meetings and our once-weekly house gathering; abidance by the given curfew; gaining and maintaining employment; paying rent on time; and treating your fellow tenants in a way that you would like to be treated. For your protection, we strictly uphold a no tolerance policy toward drug and alcohol use. At the end of the day, we find that it all comes down to respect: if you show respect for yourself, your recovery, and your housemates; you will more than likely to do very well here.

house rules

Commitment: 4-months
Entry: You must be able to pass a drug screen (urine test panel) upon intake and have a minumum of 30 days clean and sober.

Curfew Hours: 1st 7 days - 10:00pm
After 7 days - 11:30pm Sun-Thurs and 1:30am Fri & Sat

Attend 12-Step meetings daily
Attend weekly House Meeting
No drugs or alcohol on property
Random drug and alcohol testing

Obtain gainful employment
Complete house chores

Cost: Our rent is $175 per week - rent is due every Friday.

Your total move-in cost is $410
(1 week rent + 1 week security + $60 administrative fee)