our house

Harmony House is located in Hollywood, Florida and is in close proximity to 12-step meetings and recovery resources, shopping centers, restaurants, bus lines, and, of course, the beach. Tucked away in a family oriented neighborhood; we are unique amongst the other halfway houses in the area. Instead of the traditional apartment style living, we find that our use of three connected homes adds to the comfortable, homey feeling that we strive to provide our residents with. We have made sure to stock the spacious and tidy houses with all the amenities of home. A washer and dryer are available on-site for your convenience and the pool will add to your enjoyment of weekends and warm summer days. Our house manager lives on the grounds and is available 24 hours a day.

Our pool provides a great place to cool off and enjoy the sun. We have lounge chairs and and outdoor eating area.

The house barbeque is available to any resident and is often a place of impromtu meals.

We have a large patio and sunning area. Many of us have not enjoyed the sun or relaxed around a pool in a long time. Since the backyard in fenced in and the house is women only, you can have a sense of personal privacy while getting to sunbath or just decompress.

We have a community computer and printer in each house connected to high-speed internet. Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is also free to all residents; so bring your laptop.


Large common areas and kitchens give a place for building strong relationships as we share meals. We work together to maintain our home while building relationships. Fellowship and support groups are a large part of our personal recovery. As the old adage goes, "We can do together what we cannot do ourselves."

We encourage residents to form friendships and help each other in the early days of their recovery. Senior members of the house are available to share their experience in taking responsibility and beginning to change their lives.

Several times a year, we come together to celebrate holidays and special events by arranging house dinners and parties. We always have an open house for Thanksgiving and Christmas to both invite families into our home and for those who are not able to return home for these Holidays.